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D. Scott Kirby, M.D., FACC
James Storey, M.D., FACC
Robert P. Robichaux, Jr.,  MD
Matthew Quin, M.D.


Cardiology Associates Arrhythmia Center is committed to providing access to a complete spectrum of cardiovascular care to the residents of the Gulf Coast region. The four board certified and specialty trained Electrophysiologists at Cardiology Associates Arrhythmia Center provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments for symptomatic arrhythmias and other heart circuitry complications.

The Cardiology Associates Arrhythmia Center provides arrhythmia patients the opportunity to remain close to home for their treatment and follow-up care. With over 50 combined years of training and experience, each physician provides advanced treatment for arrhythmia conditions using a comprehensive approach to cardiac electrophysiological care that is unmatched in the area. They offer up-to-date treatment for arrhythmias and other cardiac circuitry complications using advanced medical therapies and magnetic computerized mapping techniques, devices and equipped facilities.


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